Focus on your ML,
we'll handle the ops

ML engineers and data scientists enjoy building models, not servers.

But so many cloud platforms require expert-level knowledge to setup and maintain. They're confusing and time-consuming.

So, we built an easy and powerful API which works in any Python environment. Our library npu allows you to train and deploy your model instantly.

Life at Neuro

We’re based in the beautiful World Heritage City of Bath (like Bridgerton but for AI engineers). We’re hiring.

The Team

Paul Hetherington

Co-Founder, CEO

Oscar Rovira

Co-Founder, CPO

Tim Morgan


Alex Pearce

Senior Software Engineer

Yvan Buggy

Full Stack Engineer

William Eliot

Full Stack Engineer

Andrei-Nicolae Tandafir

Software Engineer


Security Officer

Current positions

Want to work with us, but don't meet the requirements?

We're always looking for talent

THE API for serverless ML compute

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